15 Aug

XP95 Interfaces Replaced by the SOTERIA® Range

Written by Technoswitch

August 2017:

The Apollo XP95 Interfaces listed below are replaced by the new SOTERIA® Interface range with immediate effect:

The new Intelligent Interfaces are fully backwards compatible and, when polled with XP/Discovery protocol, will perform as the equivalent XP95 devices, as well as supporting Apollo’s new SOTERIA range and future CoreProtocol®.

Obsolescence of the XP95 interface units eliminates the need to stock multiple part numbers. The new interfaces offer compatible devices, with superior technology and a more cost effective solution.

All orders for the obsolete XP95 devices please need to be amended to reflect the new SOTERIA part numbers.

Download the SOTERIA Data Sheets here:
Soteria Switch Monitors
Soteria Input/Output Units
Soteria Mains Switching Input/Output Unit
Soteria DIN Rail Input/Output Unit
Soteria DIN Rail Switch Monitor

Should you require additional information, please contact your sales representative.

Kind regards
The Technoswitch Team