02 Feb

TouchControl – The “No Compromise” Fire Touchscreen

Written by Technoswitch

02 February 2016:

TouchControl offers all the features you’d expect from a remote control terminal and repeater, including:

• 10-inch touchscreen HD display.
• Stand-alone network node.
• Fully functional remote control terminal.
• Active maps display live zone status information.
• Navigation of a site/panel/network via maps, site plans and zone plans and view zone status at each level.
• Easy slide-in installation with minimal wiring connections.

TouchControl’s interface lets users immediately identify zones and devices in fire, fault, disablement, test or normal operation by dynamic colour-coded status buttons. It offers three levels of user control, accessed via passcode.

TouchControl’s built-in interactive site maps and zone plan capability allow for indication and navigation via interactive maps, text, and status indicators. Maps are easily added via Advanced’s Map App. The design fits into any visible public area. A presentation may be run while not in use, but when the screen is touched, or a fire condition arises, TouchControl reverts to fire operations. The status of every zone and device in the network can be quickly retrieved, displayed and manipulated. TouchControl’s interface is clear and simple to operate. Background images can be customised, and contrast/brightness control allows the screen to be optimised for any location.

Click here to download the Data Sheet

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