28 Jul

The new VESDA-E has arrived!

Written by Technoswitch

28 July 2016:

Technoswitch recently had a very successful launch of the Vesda E product range, Xtralis’s new aspirating smoke detection product offering which once again raises the bar and ensures they remain the leaders in this field.

The new Vesda-E delivers superior detection, up to 15 times greater than the current VESDA range, for even earlier warning of a potential fire threat; superior dust monitoring to minimise nuisance alarms and introduces the concept of particle classification.

The VESDA-E is the most advanced, reliable, and flexible ASD system ever produced and is completely compatible with existing VESDA systems.

  • VESDA Smoke+ offers increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than VESDA VLP, improved dust rejection, double the longevity while maintaining sensitivity over its lifetime, up to 8% less power consumption per unit area.
  • VESDA Flex future proof expandability and programming for maximum flexibility using, StaX Hardware expansion modules that easily bolt onto the VESDA-E detector to add additional capabilities, and Xtralis Software Analytics applications (Xapps) that can be purchased, downloaded, configured & managed remotely over the internet.
  • VESDA Analytics allows for additional unique capabilities that enable the system to provide targeted detection and response, Analytics currently available includes DieselTraceTM, WireTraceTM and DustTraceTM.
  • VESDA Verify provides situational awareness to improve response time, efficiency and effectiveness by providing up to 120 pinpoint addressability and seamless integration with ADPRO SmokeTraceTM.
  • VESDA Connect allows for flexible networking and programming options that reduce maintenance and monitoring costs by up to 50% through extensive connectivity options and remote diagnostics tools including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, VESDAnet & Relays.
  • VESDA TCO reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through Capex value, Opex savings, Plug’n’Play installation, design-less pipe networks, vast monitoring options and backwards compatibility. With VESDA-E you can reduce TCO by up to 15%!

Kind regards
The Technoswitch Team