17 May

Technoswitch Extinguishing Panel Range Update

Written by Technoswitch

May 2023: 

Our current TEC04701 and TEC247 extinguishing panels will be phased out at the end of June 2023 due to component obsolescence.

The new Technoswitch RHINO103 product line, which is EN54 compliant and significantly more feature-rich, will replace them. The affected products and the new RHINO103 replacement product are listed below.


Key Points Concerning the Planned Phase Out

  1. The last order date of 30 June 2023 is based on our current run rate for these products, and it may change based on significant variations in demand.
  2. Technoswitch will continue to support all versions of the TEC04701 and TEC247 panels and repeaters in the field for three years from the date of last supply, either through repair or replacement, at our discretion.
  3. The standard RHINO103 panel will be supplied in an ABS enclosure with built-in manual activation.
    Download the RHINO103 Standard Panel Datasheet
  4. The RHINO103 weatherproof panels indicated above will be available in two versions, either with a DIN rail wiring option (RHINO103-WDIN) or without a DIN rail wiring option (RHINO103-W).
    – Download the RHINO103 Weatherproof Panel Datasheet
  5. The RHINO103 repeater panel will be available in either an ABS version (RHINO103-ABS) or a weatherproof mild steel version without a DIN rail option (RHINO103-RW).
    – Download the RHINO103 Repeater Panel Datasheet

Don’t hesitate to contact your local sales office if you require any clarification on the phase-out plan above.