25 Jan

Technoswitch Celebrates 50 Years

Written by Technoswitch

January 2024:

2024 is a special year for Technoswitch – we’re turning 50!

Our Technoswitch team is exceptional, and this milestone is a testament to their dedication and commitment through the years. We look forward to celebrating this achievement with all our employees and their families at a Technoswitch family weekend later this year.

A special gala dinner will be held on Thursday, 6 June (our actual birthday) to thank our customers and suppliers for their loyalty and support throughout the years. Your faith in our company is truly appreciated, and this achievement is yours as much as it is ours.

Finally, to commemorate our 50-year history, our Technoswitch museum, filled with photos and products highlighting our journey, will be opened this year. Keep an eye out for the official opening announcement and come visit, as we would love to share our journey with you.

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