The Technoswitch Technical Department prides itself on being one of the best in the industry when providing technical support and advice to our customers. Our team’s in-depth product knowledge and continued development ensure that we meet –and often exceed– our customers’ expectations.

Our offering includes telephonic, online, and on-site support in response to our customers’ support requests. On-site support can be discussed with your relevant account manager, but we will gladly assist when one of our customers faces a challenge and needs assistance.

We also offer an in-house repair and testing facility where customers can bring their equipment for testing or repairs. A nominal fee will be charged for all testing, but your account manager will quote repairs on a case-by-case basis.

Our R&D Team is continuously developing and improving our current product range. Therefore, customers can engage with us regarding their specific requirements, and we will assist with a tailor-made solution.

In addition to providing technical support and advice to our customers, we continuously review our internal processes and procedures to ensure we effectively capture customer support requests to proactively assist with information and best practices regarding our product offering.

We have a separate technical team responsible for internal repairs, final product quality control and testing, and developing unique projects. In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement, we are developing this team to provide technical support to our customers.

Technoswitch RMA Terms & Conditions

Feel free to email us at, or call our Technical Department at +27 (0)11 794 9144.