06 Jul

TEC200 Phase-out Plan

Written by Technoswitch

06 July 2016:

Our current TEC200 and TEC3200 ranges of Conventional Panels are approaching end-of-life as a result of component obsolescence.

We are already well advanced with a replacement product line that is fully EN54 compliant and significantly more feature-rich.

The planned phase-out plan for the TEC200 range is detailed in the table below

Product Last Order Date Replacement Panel 1st Order Date
Oryx/Rhino Panels
– 1st Release    
Available Immediately
TEC202 30 Sep 2016 ORYX202 1 Oct 2016 TC802
TEC204 30 Sep 2016 ORYX204 1 Oct 2016 TC804
TEC208 31 Oct 2016 ORYX208 1 Nov 2016 TC808
TEC212 31 Oct 2016 None N/A TC808Plus
TEC212/24 31 Oct 2016 None N/A TC808Plus
TEC247 31 Jan 2017 RHINO203 1 Feb 2017 TC3001
TEC3202 30 Sep 2016 ORYX202-W 1 Oct 2016 None
TEC3204 30 Sep 2016 ORYX204-W 1 Oct 2016 None

NB: Please note that the “Last Order Dates” provided above are estimated dates based on current panel sale volumes and may change if actual sales volumes vary significantly.

Key Points Concerning the Planned Phase-Out

1. Technoswitch will continue to support all TEC200 panels in the field for 3 years from the date of last supply, either through repair/replacement at our discretion.

2. Our new ORYX Conventional Fire Panel range will be available in 2, 4 or 8 zones.
Should you require a higher number of zones, you will need to make use of our TC808Plus offering which is expandable to 12 and 16 zones.

3. The ORYX 2, 4 and 8 zone panels will also be available in weatherproof versions and, as indicated, these will replace our current TEC3202 and TEC3204 weatherproof offering.

4. The ORYX range will be released in a number of phases. The first release (phase) of the panels will be that of a standalone panel with no repeater functionality.
Should you require repeater functionality, you will need to make use of our TC808 or TC808Plus offering.
Repeater functionality will be introduced into the ORYX range with the release of the product’s 2nd phase planned for Mid-2017.
Repeater functionality, if required, will be able to be added to panels supplied as part of the 1st release through a firmware upgrade.

5. The TEC-Net versions of the TEC200 conventional panel range will be discontinued at the same time as the standard panel versions. No immediate replacement is available, however, the additional functionality provided in the ORYX panel will allow the panels to be easily monitored and controlled via interfacing on an addressable loop.

6. The TEC247 combination panel will be replaced by the RHINO203 combination panel as indicated.

Kind regards
The Technoswitch Team