Optical Beam Detection – FireBeam Xtra

The Fire Beam Xtra self-aligns to the centre of the reflector during commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will result in less false alarms, thereby saving time, resources, and ultimately, money.

Two main attributes make The Fire Beam stand out from the crowd: A motorised beam head that continually self-aligns and a low-level controller from which all major functions can be performed.

  • The standard FireBeam Xtra uses one reflector and covers up to 70 metres.
  • Add the 70KIT140 kit to FireBeam Xtra to cover distances between 70 and 140 metres.
  • Add the 140KIT160 kit to FireBeam Xtra to cover distances between 140 and 160 metres.

Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

FB-FIREBEAM-XTRA Optical Beam Detector 7-70 metres (Reflective)
FB-FIREBEAMXTRA-AF Anti-fog Optical Beam Detector 7-70 metres (Reflective)
FB-70KIT140 70 to 140 metre Range Kit for Beam Detector
FB-70KIT140-AF Anti-fog Range Kit 70-140 metres
FB-140KIT160 140 to 160 metre Range Kit for Beam Detector
FB-140KIT160-AF Anti-fog Range Kit 140-160 metres
FB-BRACKET Adjustable Wall Bracket
FB-KIT-AF Anti-fog Window for Head & Single Reflector
FB-REFLECTOR-AF Single Anti-fog Reflector
FB-UNISTRUT FireBeam Adaptor Plate use with Unistrut
FB-WINDOW-AF Anti-fog Window for Head Only



FireBeam Xtra Brochure

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