LHD – SecuriHeat d-LIST

The SecuriHeat d‑LIST system is an addressable Linear Heat Detector for special applications. It is characterised by its precise detection, high reaction speed, simple installation and commissioning, as well as its maintenance‑free design.

Different sensor intervals, branches in the sensor cable and individual temperature sensors allow for the perfect solution for any application. With up to 500 metres of sensor cable on one cable terminal processor, d‑LIST is primarily used in industrial applications.


More Information

Download the Brochure for detailed information.

SecuriHeat –  d–LIST
ST-DLIST-SCU80003 Sensor Control Unit SCU 800-03 Securiton
ST-DLIST-SCU80016 Sensor Control Unit SCU 800/16 Securiton
ST-DLIST-SEC1501 Sensor Cable SEC 15/01
ST-DLIST-SEC1502 Sensor Cable SEC 15/02
ST-DLIST-SEC1503 Sensor Cable SEC 15/03
ST-DLIST-SEC1504 Sensor Cable SEC 15/04
ST-DLIST-SEC1505 Sensor Cable SEC 15/05

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