Detector – SensoMAG Conventional Detector Range

The cost-effective SensoMAG range is EN54 approved with a 2 year warranty.

The detector range is compatible with the New Technoswitch Oryx Fire Panel range, as well as the TC800 and TC800Plus ranges.


More Information

Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

TE-SensoMAG-HA1R SensoMAG ROR Heat Detector; Class A1/R (65°C)
TE-SensoMAG-HA2S SensoMAG Fixed Temperature Heat Detector; Class A2/S (70°C)
TE-SensoMAG-HBS SensoMAG Fixed Temperature Heat Detector; Class B/S (85°C)
TE-SensoMAG-MS SensoMAG Multi-criteria Detector; Class A1/R
TE-SensoMAG-O SensoMAG Optical Smoke Detector
TE-SensoMAG-B SensoMAG Standard Base
TE-SensoMAG-RB12V SensoMAG Base with Relay Output, 12V
TE-SensoMAG-LED SensoMAG Remote Fire LED

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