Detector – Orbis® Intrinsically Safe Detector Range

Orbis IS range is suitable for marine and offshore applications, as well as land-based systems.

There are many places where an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapour may be present continuously, intermittently or as a result of an accident. These are defined as hazardous areas by BS EN 60079, the code of practice for installation and maintenance of electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Orbis IS detectors comply with MED 94/9/EC, are EN54 approved and carry a 10 year warranty,


More Information

Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

AP-ORB-H Orbis ROR Heat Detector with Flashing LED; Class A1/R (65°C)
AP-ORB-HA1S Orbis Fixed Temperature Heat Detector; Class A1/S (65°C)
AP-ORB-MS Orbis Multi-sensor Detector with Flashing LED
AP-ORB-O Orbis Optical Smoke Detector with Flashing LED
AP-ORB-B Orbis Detector Base
AP-ORB-BHT Orbis Heated Base
AP-ORB-RB Orbis Detector Relay Base

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