Flame Detector – XP95® Range

Three detection techniques available: ultraviolet (UV), infra-red (IR), and a combination of both:

  • IR2 – High immunity to false sources (indoor areas)
  • IR3 Excellent immunity to false sources (indoor or outdoor areas)
  • UV/IR2 Highest immunity to false sources (indoor or outdoor areas)

EN54-10 Compliant with a 10 year warranty. Flame detectors are effective in protecting areas where flaming fires may be expected.


Download the Data sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

AP-FDXP-UV XP95 Base Mounted UV Flame Detector
AP-FDXP-UVIR2 XP95 Base Mounted UV/IR2 Flame Detector
AP-FDXP-IR3 XP95 Base Mounted IR3 Flame Detector
AP-FD-B Base Mounted Flame Detector Bracket
AP-DISM-MB Discovery Marine Deckhead Mounting Box
AP-XP-B XP95 Mounting Base
AP-FD-TESTSET Apollo Flame Detector Test Unit c/w Carry Case



XP95 Flame Detector Range Datasheet

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