Suppression – BlazeCut® T-Series

Suitable for small to medium enclosed compartments the BlazeCut T-Series is a simple, self-contained fire suppression system where both the detection and agent storage is contained within a single length of tube.

BlazeCut operates automatically – no power supply needed – by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical threshold, the heat-sensitive BlazeCut Tube melts down at the point where the affecting temperature is the highest. Melting the BlazeCut Tube creates a hole, which releases the entire extinguishing agent (HFC-227a) stored in the tube directly onto the source of the fire.

BlazeCut T-Series Typical Applications:

  • Engine compartments of vehicles, machines, pleasure boats
  • Electrical, server, and battery cabinets
  • Vending machines, POS machines, ATMs
  • Electrical charging stations
  • Enclosures with audio-video devices
  • Small generators
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Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

BC-T100E BlazeCut Tube, 1m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T200E BlazeCut Tube, 2m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T300E BlazeCut Tube, 3m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T400E BlazeCut Tube, 4m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T025ES BlazeCut Tube, 0.25m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T100ES BlazeCut Tube, 1m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T200ES BlazeCut Tube, 2m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T300ES BlazeCut Tube, 3m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T400ES BlazeCut Tube, 4m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T500E-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 5m, HFC-227EA (FM200), Not Retail Packaged
BC-T600E-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 6m, HFC-227EA (FM200), Not Retail Packaged
BC-T500ES-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 5m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch, Not Retail Packaged
BC-T600ES-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 6m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch, Not Retail Packaged
ACS-HRCT-5×200 Cable Ties 4.6x200mm Heat Resistant, Max +150°C (10 Pack)
BC-ASU001 Signalling Unit, Light and Sound, 81dB, CE, 6-28VDC
BC-TAP200 Signalling Unit for Vehicle Applications (Round)
BC-TAP200-BSS TAP200 Panel Bracket, Stainless Steel



Suppression – BlazeCut® T-Series Brochure

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