ORYX200 – Repeater Panel Range S21


The soon-to-be-launched ORYX Conventional Fire Repeaters will be used to display information from ORYX S21 conventional fire panels that are situated at a remote location. The repeater panels will also offer control functionality in the form of Silence Buzzer, Silence Alarm, Sound Alarm, and Reset buttons. 

The enclosure options for the repeater panels will be either an attractive, modern ABS enclosure or an IP65 weatherproof metal enclosure, both of which have been designed for ease of installation.

The repeater panels will be supplied with or without a built-in power supply. If supplied without a built-in power supply, the repeater panel will need to be powered from the ORYX fire panel’s auxiliary output provided this is not being used to power other equipment, or alternatively an external power supply may be used. Programmable inputs and relays will allow for easy integration to auxiliary equipment.

The SOLAR software application will be used to customise the panel’s programmable features, providing unsurpassed flexibility not generally associated with conventional panels.

The ORYX Repeater Panel will mimic all the master fire control panel’s alarm indications. It will be possible to connect up to seven repeater panels to a single ORYX fire panel. The RS485 communication protocol will allow cable runs of up to 1,200 metres total on the local bus in a ring topology.

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Coming Soon

The new range of ORYX Repeater Panels will be available soon:

ORYX20x-R x Zone Conventional Repeater Panel (no PSU)
ORYX20x-RPSU x Zone Conventional Repeater Panel c/w PSU
ORYX20x-RW x Zone Conventional Weatherproof Repeater Panel (no PSU)
ORYX20x-RWPSU x Zone Conventional Weatherproof Repeater Panel (c/w PSU)


x = Available in 2, 4 and 8 Zone versions

The new ORYX Repeater Panel range is coming soon

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