Emergency Assist Alarm – EVCS

All Technoswitch Emergency Voice Communications Systems (EVCS) are designed to comply fully with the requirements of BS 5839-9:2011 for use as a Disabled Refuge system (DRS), with integrated Emergency Assist Alarm System. The Emergency Assist kit provides a BS 8300 compliant accessible toilet solution including the “Acknowledge” signalling required for remote locations.

The Emergency Assist Alarm provides a simple solution to integrating Emergency Assist Alarm Call systems within an EVCS, providing a single display point for all disabled calls within a building.

It can be used on a dedicated line, or may share a line with the VS-EVS-OSB Disabled Refuge Outstation (as long as fire rated cable is used), where operation of the refuge point overrides the assistance call (ideal where a disabled toilet is adjacent to a refuge lobby).

More Information

Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.