Boxed Power Supply – ABS Enclosure

The PSU2A-ABS power supply is housed in an ABS enclosure with a snap-on lid that is secured in place by two machine screws. Cable entry points and wall mounting holes are provided. The ABS enclosure will easily accommodate 7 Ah batteries.

External LED indications are provided for AC Input On; 24 V DC Output On; 24 V DC Overload/Fault; and Supply Fault. Additional system status LEDs and fault indication LEDs are provided internally on the PSU board.

Two potential free fault relays are provided; one for the indication of the absence of the AC input and the other to indicate a general fault.

The output voltage is protected from an overload condition. If the current draw reaches maximum, this output will automatically shut down and auto-reset once the overload condition is removed.

The input circuit also has built-in surge protection.

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More Information

Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

PSU2A-ABS Boxed PSU, 100-250 V AC to 24 V DC, 2 A Regulated, ABS Enclosure
PSU2A-L Boxed PSU, 100-250 V AC to 24 V DC, 2 A Regulated, Large Metal Enclosure
PSU2A-WS Boxed PSU, 100-250 V AC to 24 V DC, 2 A Regulated, Weatherproof Enclosure

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