SMART+GUARD Protective Covers

The Smart+Guard is a tough, polycarbonate hinged protective cover that can easily be installed over a range of emergency switches and other devices to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse. The Smart+Guard can also be fitted with an integral battery powered alarm that, when lifted, emits an ear-piercing 90 dB pre-alarm, warning the user that the device is for emergency use only and should not be tampered with.

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More Information

Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

Smart+Guard Break Seals (10 Pack)
SF-SG-IPBBC Smart+Guard IP55 Back Box (Clear)
SF-SG-IPBBR Smart+Guard IP55 Back Box (Red)
SF-SG-RF Smart+Guard Flush Mount Indoor no Sounder
SF-SG-RFS Smart+Guard Flush Mount Indoor c/w Sounder
SF-SG-SMS18 Smart+Guard 18mm Surface Mount Spacer (Clear)
SF-SG-SMS32 Smart+Guard 32mm Surface Mount Spacer (Clear)
SF-SG-SMS50 Smart+Guard 50mm Surface Mount Spacer (Clear)
SF-SG-SP5 Smart+Guard Servicing Pin (5 Pack)
SF-SG-WK Smart+Guard Weatherproof Kit (2 Pack)

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