Video Fire Detection – FCam CORE

The Ciqurix FCam™ Series combines infrared and visual feeds with built-in algorithms, creating one of the most accurate and reliable fire detection solutions available today. Able to detect a semi-concealed 40cm pan fire at 180m and a lighter flame at 10m in under ten seconds, inside or outside, day or night, in all weather.

Ciqurix FCam video fire detection systems are available in two versions: FLEX and CORE. The same ground-breaking multi-spectrum fire detection technology is used across both ranges, but the hardware and control systems differ.

  • CORE is a fire system which provides primary fire detection using CCTV technology. It is designed to comply with BS5839-1:2017 (UK fire standard), uses fire-rated cabling, and will operate from its internal battery supply for over 24 hours. Each device on a CORE system is connected directly to a CORE Control Hub (or Extension Hub) with a fire-rated 4-pair STP cable using the Ciqurix QLS protocol. Camera feeds can be recorded on a 3rd-party CCTV Network Video Recorder fitted inside the CORE Control Hub or Video Hub and viewed remotely.
  • FLEX is a CCTV system that can provide supplemental fire detection. It is connected using standard Cat6 network cabling and can potentially use existing network infrastructure (where suitable). Devices can be powered locally at 12Vdc or via PoE (with adapter), and the system does not have battery backup. Camera feeds can be recorded and viewed on third-party CCTV recording equipment using the RTSP format.

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CORE Control Equipment   
CX-COR-CHRM6 Control Hub (QLS device capacity: 6), excl. batteries, rack-mount
CX-COR-CHWM6 Control Hub (QLS device capacity: 6), excl. batteries, wall-mount
CX-COR-EXWM4 Extension Hub (QLS device capacity: +4), excl. batteries, wall-mount
CX-COR-EXRM8 Extension Hub (QLS device capacity: +8), excl. batteries, rack-mount
CX-COR-EXWM8 Extension Hub (QLS device capacity: +8), excl. batteries, wall-mount
CX-COR-FCAM-S4 FCam Solo FP 4mm
CX-COR-FCAM-S6 FCam Solo FP 6mm
CX-COR-FCAM-X4 FCam X FP 4mm (needs bracket)
CX-COR-FCAM-X6 FCam X FP 6mm (needs bracket)
CX-COR-FCAM-XCR4 FCam XCR FP 4mm (incl bracket)
CX-COR-FCAM-XCR6 FCam XCR FP 6mm (incl bracket)



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