VESDA Pipes & Fittings

VESDA offers an extensive range of pipe and fittings to suit all application needs, ensuring a quality system is installed every time.

A key element in the performance of a VESDA ASD system is the network of sampling pipes that actively transports air from a protected area to the detector.


Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

PL-ADP001 Red ABS 25mm Socket PL-ADP014 25mm Red Capillary Kit with Flush Air Sampling Point & Tee
PL-ADP002 Red ABS 25mm 90° Tee PL-ADP015 25mm Red ABS 90° Elbow
PL-ADP003 Red ABS 25mm Union PL-ADP016 25mm Flexible Connector 30cm
PL-ADP004 Red ABS 25mm 45° Elbow PL-ADP017 25mm Flexible Connector 100cm
PL-ADP005 Red ABS 25mm 90° Bend PL-ADP018 10mm Red Capillary Pipe x 100m
PL-ADP006 Red ABS 25mm End Cap PL-ADP019 Flush Air Sampling Point
PL-ADP007 Red ABS 3/4″ x 25mm Adaptor PL-ADP020 Conical Air Sampling Point
PL-ADP008 Red ABS 25mm Pipe – 3m Length PL-ADP021 25mm Red Air Sampling Test Point
PL-ADP009 25mm Red Capillary Kit with Conical Air Sampling Point & Tee PL-ADP022 25mm Red Capillary Kit Test Point c/w Cap
PL-ADP010 25mm Red Pipe Clip PL-ADP023 Air Sampling Test Point with Cap
PL-ADP011 Air Sampling Labels 23mm/4mm Hole x 100 PL-ADP024 25mm 2-Way Ball Valve
PL-ADP012 Natural 6mm Capillary Pipe x 100m XT-V-WT 25mm Red ABS Self-Draining Water Trap
PL-ADP013 25mm/10mm Compression Adapter Tee XT-VSP-860 VESDA Cold Storage Sampling Kit



VESDA Pipes and Fittings Datasheet
VESDA Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit Datasheet


VESDA ASD Brochure