Tester – ROR Linear Heat Detection Test Head

The rate-of-rise Linear Heat Detection Test Head is an innovative solution designed to test and validate the functionality of rate-of-rise linear heat detection systems.

This tool is essential to ensure that linear heat detection systems operate optimally, providing accurate and reliable detection of heat-related incidents. The tester is a critical component for maintaining the integrity of fire detection systems in various industrial and commercial settings.

The test head requires a SOLO Heat detector test tool which is sold separately (see Ordering Information).


Reliability Assurance – Regular testing with the Linear Heat Detection Tester guarantees that the detection system is functioning correctly, minimising the risk of false alarms and ensuring timely response to actual heat incidents.
Time and Cost Savings – The tester helps avoid costly downtime and repairs by identifying potential issues before they escalate.
Enhanced Peace of Mind – With the Linear Heat Detection Tester, users can confidently rely on their heat detection systems, knowing they have been thoroughly tested and validated.

SOLO Heat Detector Test Tool

  • Suits fixed temperature, rate-of-rise and combination detectors up to 90°C
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Universal design suits a wide range of detectors
  • Designed for use at height, at angles and low level


Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

TS-TEQ-LHD Rate-of-Rise Linear Heat Detection Test Head (requires DT-SOLO-H220)
DT-SOLO-H220 SOLO Heat Detector Test Tool (240 V AC)




Rate-Of-Rise Linear Heat Detection Test Head Datasheet