Fire Suppression – Stat-X Activation Indication Unit (N/O)

Designed for installation in Stat-X aerosol generator applications where confirmation of generator activation is required. The TEC098 will provide a normally closed signal once activated.

During the aerosol release phase, the heat generated by this process will be conducted by the thermal sensor. When the thermal sensor reaches 85º Celsius, it will switch from a normally open state to a normally closed state.

A 500 mm long PH30 cable harness is provided and can be monitored by a conventional or intelligent fire detection system to confirm the aerosol has been released.

The TEC098 can also be used to switch equipment on or off, rated to 220 V AC 1 A max. The termination is not polarity dependent.

Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

TEC098 Stat-X Activation Indication Unit (N/O)
TEC097 Stat-X Activation Indication & Test Unit



Stat-X® Activation Indication (N/O) Datasheet