Fire Suppression – Inergen Gas Systems

The Inergen gas fire suppression systems (Inergen® IG541 inert) from Fire Eater can be used in many different environments and are used worldwide.
Inergen is highly recommended for larger or multiple risks and utilises distribution pipework in the room or ceiling/floor voids. All pipework and nozzle placement are calculated using UL-approved Inergen design software, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Applications include

  • Critical Assets
  • Data Processing Centres
  • Control Rooms
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • IT Systems/Software
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Cold Storage/Warehousing
  • Library Collections
  • Museum Collections
  • Art Storage
  • Original Document Storage
  • Bank Vault Systems
  • Generator And Turbine Enclosures

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FS-IG-FE200010 Cylinder 05-200
FS-IG-FE200008 Cylinder 10-200
FS-IG-FE200006 Cylinder 20-200
FS-IG-FE200706 Cylinder 30-200 W24 DNV
FS-IG-FE200609 Cylinder 30-300 M25 DNV
FS-IG-FE200615 Cylinder 50-300 M25
FS-IG-FE200616 Cylinder 80-200 W24 EU
FS-IG-FE200624-21 Cylinder 80-300 M25 DNV
FS-IG-FE200624-21R Cylinder 80-300 M25 DNV Refilled
FS-IG-FE200642-60 Cylinder 140-300 UL
FS-IG-FE200642-62 Cylinder 140-300 FM




Inergen Inert Gas System Brochure

How Inergen Works

Inergen discharge demonstration