Fire Suppression – ECKOSHIELD Modular Systems

The ECKOSHIELD modular pre-engineered fire suppression system range comprises a versatile line of cylinders, valves and related components, which have been subjected to stringent testing procedures and are SABS approved.

Both HFC227ea and FK-5-1-12 clean fire suppression agents can be used with the Eckoshield® modular system.

Applications include

  • Data processing & IT Centres
  • Museum & Library Collections
  • Generator & Turbine Enclosures
  • Original Document Storage
  • Bank Vault & Critical Assets
  • Telecommunication Equipment
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Product Code Product Description
FS-GECKO-06x Eckoshield 6 Litre Modular Cylinder
FS-GECKO-10x Eckoshield 10 Litre Modular Cylinder
FS-GECKO-15x Eckoshield 15 Litre Modular Cylinder
FS-GECKO-25Sx Eckoshield 25 Litre Skinny Modular Cylinder
FS-GECKO-25x Eckoshield 25 Litre Modular Cylinder
FS-GECKO-45x Eckoshield 45 Litre Modular Cylinder


Add suffix (in place of x) to the above Product Code to indicate the required mounting option:

CV: Ceiling Void
FV: Floor Void
HL: Horizontal Left
HR: Horizontal Right
IN: Inverted
UP: Upright

Please contact your Technoswitch Sales Representative for any additional assistance you may require.



Eckoshield Pre-Engineered System Datasheet