Fire Suppression – Stat-X Aerosol Range

Stat-X® is an environmentally friendly automatic fire suppression product line that protects enclosed special hazards. Aerosols are an effective new alternative to traditional special hazard fire protection. Stat-X fire suppression is used worldwide in many critical applications. Stat-X aerosol fire suppression should be considered when evaluating the use of halon substitutes, CO2, inert gas, dry chemical, or water mist. Stat-X fire suppression is an approved halon replacement and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative.

The 15-year service life of the Stat-X units is UL-approved, except for the 15g unit.

The TEC601 19″ Rack Extinguishing Control Panel and Stat-X aerosol generator is the perfect combination to protect server room cabinets.

Fire Suppression for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Given the difficult nature of BESS fires, not just any fire suppression agent is suitable for the task. Fortunately, Stat-X is proven to be effective on lithium-ion battery fires through extensive third-party testing. It offers many advantages over other fire suppression methods, such as sprinkler and gaseous systems.

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Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 15g Ex Bracket
Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 30g Ex Bracket
SX-S60E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 60g Ex Bracket
SX-S100E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 100g Ex Bracket
SX-S250E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 250g Ex Bracket
SX-S500E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 500g Ex Bracket
SX-S1000E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 1000g Ex Bracket
SX-S1500E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 1500g Ex Bracket
SX-S2500E Stat-X Aerosol Generator, 2500g Ex Bracket
SX-S30T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 30g Ex Bracket
SX-S60T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 60g Ex Bracket
SX-S100T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 100g Ex Bracket
SX-S250T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 250g Ex Bracket
SX-S500T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 500g Ex Bracket
SX-S1000T Stat-X Thermal Aerosol Generator, 1000g Ex Bracket
SX-S70TAD Thermal Activation Device, 70°C, Aluminium
SX-S95TAD Thermal Activation Device, 95°C, Aluminium
SX-S123TAD Thermal Activation Device, 123°C, Aluminium



Stat-X Electrical Generator Range Datasheet
Stat-X Thermal Generator Range Datasheet


Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression Range Brochure


Stat-X Fire Suppression Application Video

Stat-X 15E Electrical Generator Overview

A high-level introduction to the enclosed special hazards the Stat-X product line protects, including industries and applications

Stat-X Fire Suppression for Energy Storage Systems

Stat-X Fire Suppression for ESS and BESS

Stat-X Energy Storage Systems Test

Stat-X Marine Applications

First scenario: an engine room with a manual pull system
Second scenario: a smaller twin-engine space on a recreational boat which has a thermally activated unit

Stat-X Thermally-activated Generator in an Electrical Cabinet Scenario