REACH Wireless Fire System Range

REACH is designed to solve challenging installation scenarios for structures with restricted or complex access and installation conditions, such as heritage or protected buildings, outbuildings, and temporary structures where wired installation or long site downtime is not an option.

Did You Know?
  • REACH Wireless is a hybrid solution. Hybrid solutions offer the installer and end-user the flexibility of both wired and wireless systems on the same site, meaning projects can be extended if needed or specified as a temporary system, working alongside an existing wired installation.

Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

AP-RW-O REACH Optical Smoke Detector
AP-RW-H REACH Heat Detector
AP-RW-MS REACH Multi-sensor Detector (Optical/Heat)
AP-RW-MCP REACH Manual Call Point
AP-RW-IN REACH Input Module
AP-RW-OP REACH Output Module
AP-RW-RI REACH Remote Indicator Module
AP-RW-BS REACH Base Sounder
AP-RW-BSV-R REACH Sounder VAD Base (Red Flash) (C-3-10)
AP-RW-BSV-W REACH Sounder VAD Base (White Flash) (C-3-15)
AP-RW-BSC-W REACH AV Base Cap – White
AP-RW-SR REACH Open-Area Sounder – Red Body
AP-RW-SW REACH Open-Area Sounder – White Body
AP-RW-SVR REACH Open-Area Sounder VAD Cat. W – Red Body (White Flash) (W-2.5-7)
AP-RW-SVW REACH Open-Area Sounder VAD Cat. W – White Body (White-Flash)  (W-2.5-7)
AP-RW-LIM REACH XP95 Loop Interface Module
AP-RW-SKL REACH Survey Kit Lite



REACH Optical Smoke Detector Datasheet
REACH Heat Detector Datasheet
REACH Multi-sensor Detector (Optical/Heat) Datasheet
REACH Manual Call Point Datasheet
REACH Input Module Datasheet
REACH Output Module Datasheet
REACH Remote Indicator Module Datasheet
REACH Base Sounder Datasheet
REACH Sounder VAD Base (Red Flash) Datasheet
REACH Open-Area Sounder Datasheet
REACH Open-Area Sounder VAD Datasheet
REACH XP95 Loop Interface Module Datasheet
REACH Survey Kit Lite Datasheet
REACH Range Datasheet Binder [All datasheets in one PDF]

Quick Installation Guides

REACH Range Quick Installation Guide Binder


REACH Wireless Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

REACH Wireless FAQs

REACH | Introduction

REACH | How to Use the REACH Wireless Survey Kit

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