ORYX200 – Conventional Fire Panel Range S21

The Technoswitch ORYX Conventional Fire Control Panel range is ideal for small and medium commercial/industrial applications requiring a reliable and robust fire detection solution.

The standard 2 and 4-zone panels are housed in an attractive, modern ABS enclosure, and the 8-zone panel is in a powder-coated metal enclosure. Both enclosure versions are durable and have been designed for ease of installation. 

A weatherproof enclosure, with or without a DIN rail wiring strip, is available for industrial/outdoor applications (see ORYX Weatherproof range datasheet for full details).

The ORYX Repeater Panels are available in an ABS or weatherproof enclosure and mimic all the master fire panel alarm indications. Up to seven repeater panels will be wired in series onto the communication bus. The repeater panels will be available with or without a built-in power supply.

The integral switch mode power supply has a wide AC voltage input range of 100 V AC to 240 V AC, making it ideal for scenarios with widely fluctuating mains supply. The battery charging capabilities of the power supply allow for the connection of 7 Ah batteries. 

Either 2, 4, or 8 fire zones are provided, each supporting up to 32 devices. The panels offer General Fire and Fault Relays, either 2, 4 or 8 fully programmable relays, two fully programmable monitored sounder circuits and two fully programmable monitored inputs.

The SOLAR software application customises the panel’s programmable features, providing unsurpassed flexibility not generally associated with conventional panels.

Comprehensive test and fault-finding features simplify maintenance, including a one-man walk-test, a first-in-first-out 1,000 event log, and onboard status LEDs for pinpoint fault identification.

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Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

ORYX202 2 Zone Conventional Fire Control Panel, ABS Enclosure
ORYX204 4 Zone Conventional Fire Control Panel, ABS Enclosure
ORYX208 8 Zone Conventional Fire Control Panel, Steel Enclosure



ORYX200 S21 Standard Range Datasheet
ORYX200 S21 Weatherproof Range Datasheet

Basic Operating Instructions

ORYX200 S21 Range Basic Operating Instructions


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ORYX200 S21 ABS, Standard and Weatherproof Panel Range Manual
SOLAR Software for ORYX S21 Panel Range Manual

Quick Installation Guides

ORYX202 and ORYX204 S21 Panels Quick Installation Guide
ORYX208 S21 Panel Quick Installation Guide


SOLAR Software for ORYX S21 Panel Range

Battery Calculators

ORYX200 S21 Battery Calculator

A quick overview of the next-generation ORYX Fire Panel’s features and functions

Downloading the SOLAR software

Creating a new site and panels with SOLAR software

Zone configuration with SOLAR software

Sounder circuit configuration with SOLAR software

ORYX Panels Manufactured before mid-May 2021

Supporting Documentation

ORYX200 Range Basic Operating Instructions (panels manufactured before mid-May 2021)
ORYX200 Panel Range Quick Installation (panels manufactured before mid-May 2021)
ORYX200 Battery Calculator (panels manufactured before mid-May 2021)
ORYX200 Standard and Weatherproof Panel Range Manual (panels manufactured before mid-May 2021)