Optical Beam Detection – ILIA

The ILIA Beam Smoke Detector detects smoke and fire and is suitable for standard interior applications.

The SecuriBeam ILIA uses an infrared light beam to detect smoke and fire lightning-fast, even under the most difficult conditions. Its high-tech qualities will appeal to anyone unwilling to compromise when it comes to safety in large buildings.

The ILIA consists essentially of three components: a transmitter, a receiver and a remote control unit. The receiver meticulously evaluates the transmitted infrared light beam. Unlike conventional models, the fire detector detects not just smoke-related attenuations, but also typical modulation frequencies caused by unusual increases in temperatures and flames – for three times the safety! If, when analysing the light beam, the detector spots any danger, it immediately triggers an alarm signal.

A special dust variant (ILIA-PRO) is available for harsh environments.


Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

ST-ILIA Linear Smoke Detector ILIA T/R
ST-ILIA-CON Control Unit for 2 ILIA
ST-ILIA-PRO Linear Smoke Detector ILIA PRO T/R
ST-ILIA-CON-PRO Control Unit for 2 ILIA PRO
ST-ILIA-EXT6 Extension Module to CSRLS, 6 ILIA
ST-ILIA-TFIL Test Filter to Beam Smoke Detector



SecuriBeam ILIA Datasheet

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