LHD – SecuriHeat ADW

The SecuriHeat ADW-535 prevails where conventional fire detectors reach their physical limits. It copes well with both extreme temperatures and constantly high atmospheric humidity, whilst precise measurements are also possible when corrosive gases and contaminated air are present.
The Linear Heat Detector comes with an intelligent signal evaluation, which offers a perfect combination of state-of-the-art sensors, processors, and programming expertise. The result is effective fire protection with a minimum of effort.


Download the Brochure for detailed information.

SecuriHeat ADW
ST-ADW-5351 Line Type Heat Detector – 1 Sensor
ST-ADW-5352 Line Type Heat Detector – 2 Sensor
ST-ADW-5351-HDX Line Type Heat Detector, Heavy Duty Explosion Proof / 1 Sensor
ST-ADW-5352-HDX Line Type Heat Detector, Heavy Duty Explosion Proof / 2 Sensor



SecuriHeat ADW Datasheet


SecuriHeat ADW Brochure

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