Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant cables with Halogen-free compounds are mainly used for installation of fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems, where long term electrical circuits are required under fire conditions, and to prevent loss of life and property eg. in industrial complexes, power stations, communal establishments, hotels, airports, underground railway networks, hospitals and outpatient clinics, department stores, data processing centres, theatres, cinemas, in multi-storey buildings, public gatherings, schools, etc. mining works, offshore plants, leading centres, traffic communication, emergency power supply and alarm systems. 

Suitable for fixed installation in dry and moist rooms, in, above, on and beneath plaster as well as in masonry walls and in concrete. 

These cables are suitable for outdoor and underground applications when installed in conduits or tubes. When installed in conduit all precautions must be taken that no accumulation of water can occur in the pipes.


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Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

FC-2PH30-500 PH30, 2-core, 1mm, Stranded Cable (500m), RS485
FC-2PH30-50015 PH30, 2-core, 1.5mm, Stranded Cable (500m), RS485
FC-2PH120-500 PH120, 2-core, 1mm, Stranded (500m), RS485
FC-2PH120-50015 PH120, 2-core, 1.5mm, Stranded (500m)



Fire Resistant PH30/PH120 Datasheet