Extinguishing Control Panel – 3 Zone 19″ Rack

The TEC601 is an all-in-one fire and extinguishing rack-mountable control system designed to protect electronic equipment in 19” server room cabinets.
The unit can detect a fire and release the built-in or externally mounted Stat-X aerosol generators. Signals can be sent to other devices from the relay outputs for Fire, Fault and Discharge conditions.
The Stat-X aerosol generator has a 15-year service life (UL approved) and can easily be replaced after a discharge to minimise downtime. A feature is also available to wire an external detector or linear heat detection as a third detection zone.
An air handling unit can also be connected through the device to allow the air ventilation system to be cut off during a fire.
The Stat-X aerosol generator is a self-contained stainless steel extinguishing unit that, when activated, produces an ultra-fine aerosol extinguishing agent that is significantly more effective than alternative extinguishing agents.

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Download the Data Sheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

TEC601 3 Zone 19″ Rack Extinguishing Control Panel




TEC601 Extinguishing Control Panel Datasheet

Basic Operating Instructions

TEC601 Basic Operating Instructions


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The TEC601 Event Log Software below contain the TEC601 USB driver and Hercules files that are required to download event logs from the TEC601. Refer to PRMAN-0025 TEC601 Manual for installation guidelines:

Manuals & Software

TEC601 Extinguishing Control Panel Manual [PRMAN-0025]
TEC601 Event Log Software [Software required to download event logs from the TEC601]

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