Emergency Evacuation Sign – Illuminated

A slim, easy mountable visual and audible emergency evacuation alarm.
When designing an automatic extinguishing system for a building, or parts of a building, it is an important consideration to provide a localised public warning of an eminent gas release, this should be both a visual and an audible alarm.

The wording in the TEC070 large display area is backlit by highly efficient LED technology and a 90 dB buzzer accompanies the activation. The LED backlight can be set to flashing or steady on, and the buzzer can be disabled if there are other audible warning devices connected to the system.

Customised wording may be requested for specific applications.

Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

TEC070 Flashing Sign “Evacuate GAS Ontruim” 24VDC
TEC070E Flashing Sign “Evacuate Gas”, 24VDC



TEC070 Evacuate Illuminated Sign Datasheet



TEC070 Evacuate Illuminated Sign Manual

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