Detector – Orbis Marine Detector Range

Orbis Marine conventional fire detectors are approved for use in marine environments.

The range offers a wealth of features to save time, enhance reliability and reduce false alarms within the marine environment. These include drift compensation and DirtAlert® – a feature that warns Service Engineers via a flashing yellow LED that detectors need maintenance and patented FasTest® – a procedure that takes just four seconds to test smoke detectors and confirm that they are functioning correctly. 

The Orbis range of conventional detectors carries a 10-year warranty and is also available in Standard and Intrinsically Safe versions.


Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

AP-ORBM-H Orbis Marine ROR Heat Detector with Flashing LED; Class A1/R (65°C)
AP-ORBM-HCS Orbis Marine ROR Heat Detector Flashing LED; Class C/R (100°C)
AP-ORBM-MS Orbis Marine Multi-sensor Detector with Flashing LED
AP-ORBM-O Orbis Marine Optical Smoke Detector with Flashing LED
AP-ORBM-B Orbis Marine TimeSaver® Base
AP-ORBM-RB Orbis Marine Relay Base
AP-DISM-MB Discovery Marine Deckhead Mounting Box



Orbis Marine ROR Heat Class A1/R LED Datasheet
Orbis Marine ROR Heat Class A1/R LED Datasheet
Orbis Marine Optical Smoke LED Datasheet
Orbis Marine Multi-sensor LED Datasheet
Orbis Marine TimeSaver® Base Datasheet
Deckhead Mounting Box Datasheet