LHD – CTI Linear Heat Detector Interface

The CTM-530 provides a single zone interface for Protectowire Type CTI™ Linear Heat Detectors, using Protectowire’s patented CTI technology. When paired with Protectowire Type CTI Linear Heat Detectors, the module can distinguish between a mechanical short in the linear heat detector and a thermal alarm activation thereby greatly reducing the risk of false alarms. This multi-criteria detection method provides for short circuit discrimination, a feature previously unavailable for digital type linear heat detectors.

The CTM-530 is also available with an IP66 Enclosure.

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Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

PW-CTM-530 CTI Interface with Display & Nav Buttons, No Enclosure
PW-CTM-530E CTI Interface with Display & Nav Buttons, c/w IP66 Enclosure
PW-CTM-530EI CTI Interface with Display & Nav Buttons, c/w IP66 Enclosure, EX



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