Conventional Panel – Marine Approved Range

The Esento fire panel range is designed to address the challenges posed for use at sea and approved to EN 54-2 & 4, MED, Lloyds Register and ABS.

Panels are equipped with programmable delays to outputs which allow time for an investigation before invoking a full evacuation or muster alarm. Not only does this feature-rich panel range mitigate false alarms with three false alarm management mode options, but it also contains additional components within the casing to ensure it’s not disrupted by increased vibrations encountered during a journey. 

The 2, 4, 8 and 12 zone fire panels offer the engineer a fully comprehensive suite of programmable features. The display uses super-bright, clearly labelled LED indicators, and the simple colour-coded buttons give the end-user the confidence to correctly manage their fire alarm system. 

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Download the Datasheet for Technical Specifications and Ordering Information.

HA-ESEN-2MAR 2 Zone Marine Approved Panel (requires 2x 3.2Ah, 12V Batteries)
HA-ESEN-4MAR 4 Zone Marine Approved Panel (requires 2x 3.2Ah, 2V Batteries)
HA-ESEN-8MAR 8 Zone Marine Approved Panel
HA-ESEN-12MAR 12 Zone Marine Approved Panel
HA-ESEN-R12MAR 12 Zone Marine Approved Repeater Panel
HA-ESEN-NET Network Communication Board for 8 & 12 Zone Panel



2 & 4 Zone Conventional Marine Fire Panel Datasheet
8 and 12 Zone Conventional Marine Fire Panel Datasheet
8 and 12 Zone Marine Panel Network Communication Board Datasheet