Fire Suppression – BlazeCut T-Series

The BlazeCut T-Series system is a simple and cost-effective fire protection device for small enclosures.

The T-Series system uses HFC-227ea, an extremely effective, clean, and people-safe extinguishing medium. The stand-alone system operates automatically and independent of a power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical level, the detection tube melts at the point where the effect of temperature is highest and releases the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube directly onto the source of the fire.
The T-Series systems are available in various lengths from 25 cm up to 6 meters. The standard volume of agent ranges from 0.25 kg to 2 kg, which is directly related to the system’s length and is sufficient to protect enclosures with a volume between 0.1 mand 2.7 m3 respectively.  
The range is suited for compact electrical enclosures through to engine bays and large data enclosures.
With the addition of a pressure switch, pressure loss can be detected and a signal can be sent to an external device such as an alarm panel, warning buzzers, sounders, beacons, or to initiate a shut down through an external control panel.

Typical BlazeCut T-Series Applications:

  • Engine compartments of vehicles, machines, pleasure boats
  • Electrical, server, and battery cabinets
  • Vending machines, POS machines, ATMs
  • Electrical charging stations
  • Enclosures with audio-video devices
  • Small generators

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BC-T100E BlazeCut Tube, 1m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T200E BlazeCut Tube, 2m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T300E BlazeCut Tube, 3m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T400E BlazeCut Tube, 4m, HFC-227EA (FM200)
BC-T025ES BlazeCut Tube, 0.25m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T100ES BlazeCut Tube, 1m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T200ES BlazeCut Tube, 2m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T300ES BlazeCut Tube, 3m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T400ES BlazeCut Tube, 4m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch
BC-T500E-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 5m, HFC-227EA (FM200), Not Retail Packaged
BC-T600E-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 6m, HFC-227EA (FM200), Not Retail Packaged
BC-T500ES-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 5m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch, Not Retail Packaged
BC-T600ES-NRP BlazeCut Tube, 6m, HFC-227EA (FM200) c/w Pressure Switch, Not Retail Packaged
ACS-HRCT-5×200 Cable Ties 4.6x200mm Heat Resistant, Max +150°C (10 Pack)
BC-ASU001 Signalling Unit, Light and Sound, 81dB, CE, 6-28VDC
BC-TAP200 Signalling Unit for Vehicle Applications (Round)
BC-TAP200-BSS TAP200 Panel Bracket, Stainless Steel



BlazeCut T-Series Brochure

Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression with T-Series

3D Printer Enclosure Fire Suppression with T-Series

Vehicle Fire Suppression with T-Series

Vehicle Fire Suppression in Slow Motion with T-Series