AlarmCalm is a complete False Alarm Management package featuring enhanced firmware, comprehensive configuration software for Advanced’s fire systems and new intelligent alarm acknowledgement devices, the AlarmCalm Buttons. It provides total, easily-managed control over alarm verification periods and investigation delays to outputs.

The fully intelligent AlarmCalm Button allows the building occupant to acknowledge a fire alarm signal locally, e.g. if they believe a smoke detector has signalled an alarm because of burnt toast.

The AlarmCalm Button then extends the verification time set in the area by a specified amount, giving time for any transient signal to clear. The cause-and-effect is set such that each area has a pre-set verification time in which the alarm system will monitor a signal detected from a device within it. If the signal clears before the end of the verification period the system resets, if it is still present, the next stage of the alarm is implemented; usually a full fire signal.


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AE-ALARMCALM AlarmCalm Button with Buzzer (Apollo)



AE-ALARMCALM In Care Homes Brochure
AE-ALARMCALM In Hotels Brochure

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