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The Fire Beam Xtra self-aligns to the centre of the reflector during commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will result in fewer false alarms, thereby saving time, resources, and ultimately, money. The new Fire Beam BLUE uses the advanced Fire Beam Xtra technology, inherits the same reliability, benefits and an unbeatable range of 160 metres, but is commissioned and controlled using the Fire Beam BLUE App with a phone or tablet instead of a controller.

Optical Beam Detection – Fire Beam

The Fire Beam Xtra self-aligns to the centre of...

ILIA Optical Beam Smoke Detector

Optical Beam Detection – ILIA

The ILIA Beam Smoke Detector detects smoke and...

OSID – Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detection

OSID enables early smoke detection in large open areas.

Open-area Smoke...