20 Apr

Pricing Update

Written by Technoswitch

April 2020:

Dear Client,
Since the release of our 1 April 2020 price list the ZAR has continued to deteriorate against all major currencies. Furthermore, given the volatility of the currency markets and other negative economic factors, it is difficult to see any significant recovery taking place in the short term.
Therefore, regretfully we are left with no other choice, than to withdraw our current price list dated 1 April 2020 with immediate effect. There will be no new price list issued – in the interim we request that you contact your sales representative to price any requirements you may have. Furthermore, we will be reducing the validity of all quotations from the normal 30 days to 14 days until further notice.
We do realise that this is inconvenient and will impact on the time it takes you to price on opportunities. However, it is the only solution we felt was practical under the current market conditions.
We appreciate your understanding and patience in this regard.