12 May

Optimal LHD Protection

Written by Technoswitch

May 2020:

The SecuriHeat LIST and SecuriHeat d-LIST systems are addressable LHDs for special applications and VdS approved in compliance with EN 54‑22, Class A1. Both systems are characterised by their precise detection, high reaction speed, simple installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance-free design.

Thanks to their excellent resistance to extreme environmental conditions, the SecuriHeat LHD systems are used wherever conventional point detectors are not able to guarantee optimal protection.

Semi‑conductor temperature sensors are located inside the sensor cable at freely selectable intervals, depending on the respective application.

  • The SecuriHeat LIST’s redundancy function, different sensor intervals and branches in the sensor cable allow for the perfect solution for any application. With up to 3,200 metres of SEC20 sensor cable on one LISTcontroller cable terminal processor, LIST is primarily used in tunnels and industrial applications that cover great lengths.
    SecuriHeat LIST can be used at a temperature range of between -55°C and (briefly) +200°C. Their EMC shielding, flame-retardant outer sheathing and integrated strain relief ensure the cables are immune to interference factors and extremely durable. SecuriHeat LIST visualises the temperature values and events on the cable terminal processor or PC, and also offers interfaces to superordinate systems.
    The standard sensor intervals are 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10 metres. Other sensor intervals of between 50 cm and 10 metres are also possible.
  • The SecuriHeat d-LIST system’s different sensor intervals, branches in the sensor cable and individual temperature sensors allow for the perfect solution for any application. With up to 500 metres of sensor cable on one cable terminal processor, d‑LIST is primarily used in industrial applications.
    The SecuriHeat d‑LIST system is based on acquiring data from numerous temperature sensors that are integrated into the SEC15 sensor cable at regular intervals. The system measures both the actual heat temperature of the surroundings (convective heat) as well as a fraction of the infrared irradiation (radiant heat). Thanks to these properties and a polling cycle of 10 seconds, the response time of the Linear Heat Detector is extremely short.
    The standard sensor intervals are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 metres. Other sensor intervals of between 25 cm and 10 metres are available on request.