18 Feb

Numens Detector Compatibility

Written by Technoswitch

February 2020:

Technoswitch is aware of the fact that Brigit Systems is selling an intelligent detector range branded “Brigit” which is being marketed as using the Apollo XP95 protocol. These devices are manufactured by Numens Professional Safety Products, China and do not originate from Apollo Fire Detectors, UK.

The Brigit/Numens devices have not been tested by either Technoswitch or Advanced to verify their correct operation with either the TC4000 or TC5000 Intelligent Control Panel ranges.

Please refer to the letters from Advanced and Apollo confirming the above statement. As a result, the use of any Numens product with our panel ranges is not guaranteed – nor will such systems be supported by Technoswitch.

We would also recommend that the industry requests compatibility statements from any panel manufacturer when considering the use of the Numens “XP 95 protocol” devices.