08 Dec

Nitrogen Filling Station – Now Open!

Written by Technoswitch

December 2020:

The Technoswitch Nitrogen Filling Station, AIA inspected and certified, was commissioned on Thursday, 3 December 2020.

In-house filling and pressurisation services for our Rotarex TRIPLESTAR Kitchen, Rotarex COMPACT LINE Vehicle, and BlazeCut C-Series Suppression Systems, are now available at our Johannesburg premises.

Different pressurisation options are available –

  • A 300 bar pressurisation point for the 10L, 300 bar, COMPACT LINE Portable Filling Kit
  • A 200 bar filling point for direct pressurisation of the COMPACT LINE 4L,7L, and 12L vehicle suppression cylinders
  • A 16 bar filling point for the 2.7L, 16 bar, TRIPLESTAR Portable Filling Kit and for direct pressurisation of the TRIPLESTAR 9L, 16L and 25L kitchen suppression cylinders
  • A 15 bar filling point for direct pressurisation of the BlazeCut C-Series Novec 1230 cylinders

Updated September 2021