12 May

LHD Under the Most Difficult Conditions

Written by Technoswitch

May 2020:

Securiton’s SecuriHeat ADW-535 Linear Heat Detector prevails where conventional fire detectors reach their physical limits. It manages both extreme temperatures and constantly high atmospheric humidity, with precise measurements even in the presence of corrosive gases and contaminated air. Typical applications include:

  • Underground garages, vehicle silos
  • Food industry, industrial kitchens, large commercial bakeries
  • Alcohol processing, distilleries
  • Chemical industry, refineries, oil tanks
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Paint shops and other high-temperature environments

Double Tube

SecuriHeat ADW-535 uses a physical principle to its advantage: If the ambient temperature increases in the event of a fire, the volume of heated air also expands. Air-filled sensing tubes transmit this pressure increase to a sensor in the cable terminal processor. The system triggers an alarm as soon as a defined limit is exceeded. Two sensing tubes (Double Tube) can be connected to the ADW-535, effectively doubling the monitoring area, and the system can be optimally adjusted according to the area and applicable installation guidelines.

Dynamic Heat Watch (DHW)

A false alarm is an alarm correctly triggered by a sensor impulse, but there is no actual danger. Brief temperature increases may occur when a gate is opened in a warehouse, for example. The intelligent DHW algorithm on the ADW-535 ensures that these types of events are filtered out and not transmitted as an alarm.

IT-based Planning and Configuration

The Securiton ADW HeatCalc software tool allows system planning at a very early stage. Only a floor plan is needed to begin. The tube layout is sketched with a few clicks of the mouse and the program assists where possible. A detailed report for the plant documentation together with a full required parts list is generated automatically. The design can then be uploaded directly to the device using the ADW Config software tool.

SecuriHeat ADW-535 is VdS approved for all EN 54-22 classes and also carries UL and FM approvals.