12 May

High-Precision ASD for Every Requirement

Written by Technoswitch

The SecuriSmoke ASD range by Securiton offers three VdS approved models and makes the lightning-fast detection of fires both scalable and cost-effective for any area – be it a single facility or an area measuring up to 5,760 m2.

  • The ASD-535 is the flagship model and available as either a single- or two-sensor device. It can monitor an area of up to 5,760 m2 at temperatures ranging between -30°C and +60°C while retaining full functionality at all times. In deep-freeze applications, the unit is installed directly in the area and the sampling holes are heated automatically when needed, to prevent freezing.
  • The ASD-533 is a scaled-down version of the ASD-535 and suited for areas up to 1,920m2 with temperatures ranging between -20°C to +60°C. Dusty, steamy or dirty conditions make no difference to the ASD-535/533. Their extremely low noise levels (34 dBA) make them compliant with ISO standard 11690‑1 for the design of low-noise workplaces containing machinery.
  • The ASD-532 is suited for small and medium-sized areas of up to 1,280 m2 with temperatures ranging between -20°C to +60°C. It has the same technical specifications as the ASD-535, but with just one sampling pipe and a more compact fan.
  • The compact, yet powerful, ASD-531 is ideal for areas up to 720 m2 with temperatures ranging between -10°C to +55°C, making it an effective cost-effective option for applications such as elevator shafts, electric distribution cabinets, false ceilings, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, and IT racks.
  • The FidesNet network solution is typically used wherever remote visualisation and operation are required or in difficult-to-access or restricted access areas. Multiple SecuriSmoke Aspirating Smoke Detectors can be connected in a network offering an at-a-glance overview and straightforward operation on the 7-inch colour touch panel.

The extensive range of SecuriSmoke accessories includes various dust filters, water retaining boxes, and other tools.

Visit the SecuriSmoke ASD Product Page for more information.

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