15 Mar

FlameSpec | High-performance Flame Detection

Written by Technoswitch

March 2023:  

FlameSpec flame detectors are Ex-certified and offer high-performance Triple IR (IR3) and UV/IR flame detectors with the option of an integrated High Definition (HD) Camera. The detectors address slow-growing fires and fast eruptions of fire using improved technology and operate in all weather and light conditions.

The models with HD Cameras allow clear imaging of fire and people at 30 metres. All fire events are recorded and stored in the detector for local or remote download and analysis. The recordings start one minute before detection and continue for up to four minutes; the event video can be used for post-incident investigation. Continuous HD video can also be streamed live to a control room and recorded on a Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The range also includes three Flame Simulators.

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