11 Mar

FiberSystem 8000 Fibre Optic LHD

Written by Technoswitch

March 2019:

The Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 offers custom configuration to each application requirement and is specifically designed for high risk commercial and industrial hazards that demand high reliability and customised system features.

Special capabilities, such as custom operating logic, temperature monitoring, visualisation of fire size and spread, outdoor or hazardous installation environments, and extinguishment release activation can all be provided to meet the most demanding operational requirements.

The linear fiber optic sensor cable detects hot gases as well as radiated heat and is adaptable to individual objects or hazards. The sensor cable contains no electronics and is therefore immune to electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds. The sensor cable has been designed to provide years of useful service. Its rugged construction resists most environmental influences, such as temperature, pressure and moisture changes as well as pollution and exhaust gases, which contain high amounts of corrosive materials.

Installation and maintenance of the sensor cable is simple. A damaged section can be repaired easily by splicing in a new length of cable.

• Provides continuous temperature monitoring
• Graphically displays temperature profile, fire size, and direction of spread
• Provides 256 zones of detection with a single linear sensor for up to 10 kilometres of protection
• Offers multiple alarm initiating criteria by zone
• Provides complete immunity to RFI and EMI interference