10 Feb

FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detection

Written by Technoswitch

FAAST FLEX ASD is suited for small to medium businesses, including warehouses, cold storage, and low-noise environments.


Reliable performance
  • Consistent smoke detection with minimum nuisance alarms.
  • Advanced ultrasonic flow sensing technology, enabling accurate and consistent flow detection.
Easier installation
  • Pre-engineered pipe networks make design and installation fast and effortless.
  • Screwless assembly, ample wiring space and flexible mounting options thanks to an innovative reversible cover.
Faster commissioning
  • Out-of-box operation with a built-in user-friendly configuration.
  • Extended configuration and test, thanks to a Bluetooth® interface with a mobile App.
Simpler maintenance
  • Convenient detector access, with the extensive network of pipe making installation in hard-to-reach locations unnecessary.
  • Modular design and field-replaceable components enable easier, in-field service operations.
Enhanced ease of use
  • Bluetooth interface with mobile App for remote control, enabling status monitoring, rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Compatibility with cold storage and low-noise environments
  • -40 °C operating temperature.
  • Quiet operation (30db) with adjustable fan speed.

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