09 Jul

EOL: OSID Light Shield

Written by Technoswitch

July 2019:

We have received notice from our supplier, Xtralis, that The OSID Light Shield (XT-OSI-LS) has been discontinued.

Please refer to the official EOL notice as issued by Xtralis for any additional information you may require.

There have been some instances of OSID nuisance faults where bugs have nested in the optional OSID Light Shield (OSI-LS) enclosure and there have been some issues in the OSID Light Shield mounting method.

As the OSID Light Shield is used infrequently and the OSID detector has a very high tolerance to nuisance light sources due to its CMOS sensor technology; Xtralis is withdrawing the OSID Light Shield (OSI-LS) from sale with immediate effect. Note, the OSID detector it will only go in to a Fault status if saturated by light, not Fire status.

When designing an OSID installation it is good practice to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as per the manufacturer’s recommendations – please contact Technoswitch’s Technical Department for assistance.

If sunlight is unavoidable then installation in a North-South orientation will minimise sun exposure.