13 Feb

COMMANDER – An Advanced BMS Interface

Written by Technoswitch

February 2018: Advanced’s Commander is a powerful IP-based controller that provides protocol translation, enabling the TC4000 and TC5000 (MxPro) series panels to be integrated into a BMS system.

Commander can be used as a simple bridge between the AdNet network and a third party Building Management System (BMS) allowing conversion from one protocol type to another. Each unit can support BACNet or Modbus protocol and allows up 960 objects, or tags, of information to be passed from the BMS providing a TCP/IP interface to third party management systems.

Commander has powerful built-in Windows®-based software management, enabling engineers to write cause-and-effect strategy, check data logging, calendar and timer functions.

IP connectivity allows Commander to be located locally to the distributed network panels, but at the same time caters for remote programming and BMS access.


  • BMS BACNet / Modbus Protocol integration
  • 960 Object/Tags
  • Individual Fire, Pre Alarm, Isolation or Fault Object or option for ALL conditions on Node, Zone, loop or point basis.
  • Windows® Based Programing
  • Powerful IP based controller
  • Provides an RS232 link to AdNet Network
  • Support for up to three additional networks
  • Small & Compact
  • Low Voltage 12 V > 36 V DC Supply
  • Configurable over IP – no proprietary software required

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