19 Dec

Collection of Orders

Written by Technoswitch

19 December 2016: 

Please note that all customers collecting equipment from Technoswitch need to present either a copy of their purchase order, or their purchase order number that they’re collecting against.

This will help ensure that, when a company has multiple orders ready for collection, only the correct order is supplied to the person collecting on behalf of the company. Unfortunately we have had instances where representatives of companies collect all available orders when they were meant to only take delivery of a specific order for a specific site. This results in unnecessary confusion and delays.

Your support in this regard would be highly appreciated and will go a long way in ensuring that your staff receive only the orders they are specifically responsible for.

Technoswitch will not be responsible for orders incorrectly supplied to customers arriving to collect equipment without the requested paperwork.

Kind regards
The Technoswitch Team