Steenberg Spa – Constantia Winelands, Cape Town


Steenberg Spa, situated next to the luxurious Steenberg Hotel in Cape Town’s Constantia winelands, is a sanctuary for therapeutic treatments and relaxation. The Spa sought to undergo a re-fit and layout improvements to enhance customer experience. Since the Spa is next to the Steenberg Hotel, minimising disruption during the renovation was essential.

The Spa’s flat roof structure initially presented a challenge since the wireless signal struggled to penetrate effectively throughout the building. However, careful surveying and experimentation established a robust wireless mesh that functioned even better than the initial point-to-point wireless survey indicated. The result exceeded expectations with no unexpected challenges.

Several factors drove the decision to implement a Hyfire wireless fire detection system. Firstly, it was cost-effective, allowing the end-user to stay within budget. Secondly, the system could be quickly installed, ensuring minimal downtime during the renovation. The Hyfire devices are aesthetically pleasing and blend seamlessly with the Spa’s ambience.

Technoswitch was chosen as supplier for this project due to the exceptional hands-on support provided to Meyer Communications (Africa), MeyCom. Their support ensured a smooth and seamless installation process.

Hyfire wireless devices now protect the entire Steenberg Spa. The hotel’s fire control panel monitors these devices with wireless fire and fault relays situated in the hotel’s roof nearby. Importantly, no trenching or digging was required for this installation.

A primary benefit of this SANS10139:2021-compliant solution was the absence of delays during the Spa’s renovation, ensuring uninterrupted service to guests. The installation also features aesthetically pleasing devices strategically placed in non-obtrusive yet functional locations. MeyCom and Technoswitch delivered an elegant, effective solution that stayed within budget and completed the system installation in about two and a half days.

Steenberg Spa can now continue to provide exceptional service to its guests with the added peace of mind that a reliable fire detection system is in place.

Industries: Hospitality

Products Included: Hyfire Systems, Wireless Detection